Reasons to Join a Home Based Direct Sales Business Or Get a Direct Sales Job

Why would anyone want to do MLM (multi-level marketing) a.k.a. direct sales? The answer could be different for every person, but here’s why I started with my direct sales company.

First and foremost, it was the money. We didn’t need it to survive, but we were planning for a second child at the time. We already had one in daycare, and the thought of having two daycare payments was positively terrifying. I figured I could earn some extra money and payoff a debt or two before the second one came along.

Second, it was the product. I love the product! I had been a hostess for this direct sales company three times before. I loved it, my friends loved it. The sales from my parties were huge. I got tons of free product just for having shows. By the time I decided to become a consultant, I didn’t even really need the free start-up kit. I had more product in my house than came with the $350 value kit!

Finally – and this is why I don’t think I can ever bring myself to quit – I have always wanted to have my own business. Problem is, I’m extremely risk-averse. So the idea of having my own business, without investing thousands of dollars or getting a bank to back me, was very appealing. My success or failure is purely my own, and if it fails, I don’t lose my house, my retirement fund, or my kids’ college fund. How perfect is that?

The direct sales opportunity has been just that — an opportunity. It is only as much as you make of it. I’m successful working on my terms, on my schedule, and with no fear. How many jobs out there allow you to do that?

Ten Simple Ways to Leverage Technology to Grow Your Business

Leveraging effectively is one of the keys to creating success in growing a business or even in daily life responsibilities.  One of the tools I love to leverage is the use of simple technologies to grow my business and to be more effective in my daily routines.  Some of the main reasons for choosing to leverage technology are because of the amount of people I can reach by a touch of a few buttons.  Also, I have found it to be one of the best returns on investments,  of time, energy, money, and one of my favorite reasons, is the immediate feedback I get.   Here is a list of 10 simple tools I use to leverage simple technologies.

  1. Use email (especially sequential email systems) to help me stay connected with my clients.
  2. Centralize information with the use of blogs to make my business available 24/7/365 (in other words all the time).
  3. Use anchored hyperlinks to make my email content relevant and easy for the reader to follow.
  4. Educate my clients by providing them with relevant information and deliver it with PDF files.
  5. Join mastermind groups of like minded individuals to keep my juices flowing.
  6. Create mastermind groups to support others.
  7. Replicate with the use of audio to deliver valuable information with ease.
  8. Use technology to develop and manage automatic targeted lead generation systems.
  9. Use simple, but powerful email systems to connect with clients and track my results.
  10. Keep things as simple as possible while maintaining the most effective process possible. This way I want to continue to keep them going.

I use these simple systems often and I am asked almost daily how to do these steps.  I trust these will help you leverage more of your success quickly and effectively.

Work at Home Business Opportunity, Better Odds Than the Lottery!

I was talking with one of my business partners this afternoon, about people who would like to start a home based business but are unwilling to come up with any start up cash. They’ll agree that it’s a legitimate work at home business opportunity, but still they balk at the cost. Of course it’s absurd to think one can start a business and have no capital with which to do so. The online forums are full of posts indicating that any business that has start up costs must be a scam. They couldn’t be any more wrong, but that’s not really the subject of this article.

These same people, who say they can’t come up with any start up capital have no qualms about going down to their local 7-11 every Payday to purchase lottery tickets! They’ll plop down anywhere from $10 to $20 or more every week without any reservation, knowing that the odds of even recovering their investment are slim to none. To make matters worse, once in a while they may actually win a hundred bucks or so, which just adds fuel to the fire. Yet, they’re unwilling to spend $50 – $100 to start a home based business that will enable them to work at home with the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month, passive residual income and be secure financially for the rest of their lives.

One definition of the word Insanity is “To continue doing the same things over and over, expecting different results.” That definition certainly applies to these people. They want to strike it rich and they’re willing to bet on extremely long odds, over and over again, to do so. Insanity! It’s incomprehensible to me to think that anyone would refuse a legitimate opportunity to work at home and build a respectable and profitable business but they’ll turn right around and throw money away on nothing more than a pipe dream!

No, there’s no guarantee that a home based business will succeed. There are no guarantees in life, period, with the exception of death and taxes! But I will promise you, the chances of success with a work at home business opportunity are a heck of a lot better than they are with a lottery ticket. I’ll take those odds all day long! Wouldn’t you?